The New Chapter

As some of you may already now, I got married to my soulmate on last Friday :). The day after, our honeymoon started and right now I’m lying in our hotel bed in Hanoi, battling the jet lag, but also thrilled and happy to be here with my spouse. The new chapter of our life starts right now. And I guess this is what this blog will be about in the nearest future.

My other half is still asleep and doesn’t know yet I’m starting this blog today. I hope we will work on this blog toghether, filling it with great content every day 🙂

It’s morning here and I guess we should get some breakfast as soon as we are both up. We’ll post some more on our adventures later – which began with cancelling our flight from Moscow to Hanoi by Aeroflot Russian Airlines.

The best day of my life – Warsaw, 24th March 2017

UPDATE: I’ve heard “yes” again within the last few days, so now we’re officially starting this blog :). As many of our friends and family members aren’t fluent in English, we’ve decided to post in both English and Polish.


8 thoughts on “The New Chapter

    1. Thank you! We’re so happy to be married finally, and the honeymoon is great so far. We’re still learning how to blog, as we’ve never done that before :). I hope you enjoy it, but if you have any tips – just tell us :).

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