About us

Hello world!

Thank you for visiting the About page – it’s so nice that you came here to learn more about us and our the Life Followed Blog! 🙂

We’re a Polish couple, who got married on Friday 24th of March 2017, and the day after we boarded a plane to spend the next three weeks in Vietnam.

As we both love travelling, we’ve been thinking on starting a blog during our numerous trips around Europe, but never actually did. Finally, we’ve decided to start this blog mainly as a way of writing down our memories and impressions from our honeymoon. Also, this is the way our friends and relatives can keep up with our adventures, as the difference in timezones makes live contact really difficult.

We’re into sightseeing, trekking, food, culture and history – that’s what you can expect here. One of us is insisting on putting some historic background on every historical site we visit, so if you’re not into it, just skip it ;).

We can’t really say what will be the future of this blog, but we’re pretty sure we will keep blogging even after going back to Poland. Maybe about our past travels, maybe about our everyday life in Warsaw – time will tell.

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Thank you for visiting our blog and for staying with us!